About us

nz2005 TDM is a New Zealand-owned and based consultancy that has operated since 2005. We use analysis and experience to help you measure opportunities and to illuminate your investment decisions. We work alongside you to deliver robust, evidence-based analysis; define the issues; identify and evaluate options and benefits; and recommend solutions. You are empowered to make smart and defensible strategic investment decisions, which lay the foundation for you to plan your next steps, and to act with confidence. Whether the requirement is for an end-to-end managed project, provision of resource and talent, or consultancy advice, TDM operates flexibly to achieve success within your working parameters.

Measure, Illuminate, Plan, Act

TDM is known for developing methodologies and models, and undertaking financial, statistical, data and other analysis. This is often the foundation for any investment proposal and decision making process, providing firm evidence on which to stake a position.


Measurement is the raw material needed to make a decision. It helps to define:
  • Value – Measuring what is important and its worth, including net worth
  • Progress – Measuring how well a project is moving towards its strategic and tactical goals
  • Performance – Measuring how well an asset, project or investment meets its standards and targets to deliver desired results
  • Results – Measuring whether a project has delivered the required outputs
  • Impact – Measuring the noticeable effect or influence the project has on key outcomes


Measurement yields data or information. For this to be meaningful, its significance must be interpreted for fresh insights. Only then will the path to more robust decision making be illuminated. Depending on the stage a project or proposal has reached, appropriate evaluative measures can be taken to provide greater clarity on the next steps to be taken.


Decide the overall approach, timing, budget, and identify the activities necessary for successful achievement of the project or investment goals.


Once the way forward is clear, go!

TDM Approach

Whatever your solution requires, our initial focus will be on your business objectives and context, and the information available to support our analysis. TDM uses readily available analytical tools and appropriate methodologies to leverage existing data sources and to integrate new information as it comes to hand. Previously hidden structures and relationships are revealed, empowering decision-makers to act. We start with your context, adding value each step of the way, to achieve insights that were not previously evident, applying the following process:


Understanding the business environment and context, and the organisation's objectives and priorities. Identifying key people, processes, systems & data requirements.


The meticulous stage of generating information by meeting with key people, reviewing processes, evaluating systems & deconstructing data.


Making sense of the knowledge obtained by finding the key drivers for change and presenting the results coherently so as to tell a story.


The application of the findings to inform decisions or underpin a business case.


Planning for and implementing decisions that drive value and enhance returns on investment.