Nathan Blewitt


Nathan is an experienced programme and project manager. He has led a range of strategic initiatives in the government and SOE sectors, education, telecommunications and finance and banking. He also has experience in business and strategic planning, working at senior levels in the private and public sectors, including in direct advisory capacity to government ministers. Nathan's international work experience from the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia allows him to offer valuable global insights.

Nathan has worked with a wide range of organisations including roles as a senior programme manager in their core technology arms. Nathan has managed technology roll outs for Transpower, Westpac and Telecom. He has an insider's understanding of the Customer and IT Supplier relatioship, as well as demands on funding and flexible resourcing to meet programme timeframes.

He is able to manage and navigate complex, cross-agency programmes and projects, working at the most senior levels to engage stakeholders to ensure that differing and sometimes conflicting interests are recognised and addressed, maintaining foward movement.

As the Programme Manager for a joint agency education initiative which will provide improved and accessible information to customers and agencies, Nathan has worked effectively at Board and Executive level across four organisations to agree the programme direction and succedssfully delivering the first tranches. He has dedicated significant effort to stakeholder management and engagement, recognising the, at times, competing interests of all parties.

Other assignments include Nathan's leadership of a multi-streamed programme involving some 40 separate projects for Transpower, delivered in challenging conditions including oversight by two regulatory agencies. Because of his track record of delivering succesful outcomes, Nathan was also assigned other special projects. These included production virtualisation, SAN upgrade, Oracle upgrade, application virtualisation, Windows and Office upgrade, video conferencing, and wireless communications. In the banking sector, Nathan's leadership in developing online services and products for Westpac saw the uptake of these services increase three-fold.

Relationship building is one of his core strengths. Nathan has the ability to foster trust and confidence among stakeholders and peers. Nathan leads and facilitates performance by enabling and mentoring people to understand the overall objective and the roles they play.

Nathan's approach is energetic, analytical and results-focussed. He thrives in complex and ambiguous environments, and is an effective operator who consistently delivers on time and on budget. He has been responsible for getting troubled projects back on track, and for leading programmes requiring intensive or multi-party consultation to successful conclusions.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University, and is completing a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Studies from University of Waikato.

Nathan’s spare time is spent with his active young family. Days of competitive sport have passed, however golf is an enjoyed activity when he gets the chance.