Anna Shires


Anna’s formative career was in the dairy industry with the New Zealand Dairy Board and then Fonterra, joining as a graduate. After early career roles in front line customer servicing, international marketing, and offshore market development, Anna returned to New Zealand in the late 1990s to a series of senior leadership roles with responsibilities for organisation strategic development.

During a period of rapid transformation in the international dairy market and the New Zealand dairy industry, global business processes and standards for marketing, customer servicing and distributing products to drive both superior customer service and logistics efficiencies were implemented as part of a global supply chain strategy. The roles involved leading project teams to work with international implementers and large scale technology system providers in New Zealand and offshore markets for long periods of time. In parallel to this offshore development, the consolidation of the New Zealand co-operative manufacturing companies was occurring at speed. Anna also led a core team across the three merging organisations to design the new Fonterra customer service and operating model to fully integrate across the marketing and manufacturing functions.

When Fonterra decided in 2004 to relocate its head office from Wellington to Auckland, Anna chose to stay in Wellington. Having developed a strong interest in the strategic development of organisations and solving interesting strategic organisational challenges, Anna took the opportunity to make a career shift to experience other sectors.

Anna is a Baldrige CPE Lead Evaluator, a business excellence and “systems thinking” framework expert. Anna uses this evaluative framework as a backdrop to a range of assignments across a variety of clients from central and local government, not-for-profit, community based, and private sector organisations. More recently as the SSC Performance Improvement Framework has developed, this “systems thinking” framework has been used for Government agencies.

Anna works with leadership teams to understand the environment and context of the organisation, assess the current capability, identify the strategic challenges and key areas of improvement of future capabilities. Anna supports and advises the subsequent change and transformation programmes in the design of organisational solutions to meet key strategic and customer outcome requirements. This involves assisting with the research, identification and adaptation of appropriate strategic management and good practices to improve and sustain organisation capability and performance.

Anna has developed a Roadmap technique that senior leaders can use to understand the alignment and linkages of activities across the organisation, and prioritise and sequence improvement actions. This Roadmap technique has proved very successful in the public sector environment with several government agencies to balance and prioritise multiple stakeholder needs and investments within current economic and resource constraints.

Assignments are typically to enable wider organisation strategic development and operating model transformation or to address specific areas of the operating model. There is a strong focus on organisational learning through the use of the evaluative frameworks and to ensure key knowledge and skills development are retained by the organisation and staff.

Anna is a science graduate of Victoria University, a graduate of the New Zealand Institute of Management Executive Programme and the former New Zealand Dairy Board Hay McBer Senior Leaders Programme. Anna is a lead national evaluator for the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.